Our Massage Therapists

Alexandra Cohen is a massage therapist and personal trainer.  She works one on one, or in conjunction with a support team to meet client wellness goals. She is a graduate of the Swedish Institutes Massage Therapy and Advance Personal Training Program.  Specializing in orthopedic, sports, and prenatal massage as well as corrective exercises for injury and postural dysfunction. She has been a competitive athlete in downhill skiing and is currently competing in kettle bell sport and indoor rock climbing.  In addition, she currently is co- coaching a team of 70+ to run the New York marathon.  Prior to her work as a Massage Therapist, Alexandra has earned a BA in individualized studies at NYU.

Tonya Kostenko is a second-generation massage therapist and an avid believer in the healing power of touch.  She works frequently with physical therapists, personal trainers, chiropractors and other health care professionals to achieve the most complete and effective treatment plan possible for her clients. She commonly treats chronic pain issues in the upper back/shoulder/neck and low back/pelvis/hip regions. Tonya’s sessions often include myofascial release as well as trigger point work, and incorporate stretching and energetic to help facilitate a sense of balance and overall well-being.


Marie Lerch has been a licensed massage therapist for over twenty years. Much of that time has been spent alongside the physical therapists of West Side Dance, with whom she works at New York City Ballet. Among dancers Marie is known for her deep tissue work. She also provides massage at American Ballet Theater. In private practice Marie serves clients from all walks of life including writers, doctors, musicians, designers and office workers. Marie always adjusts her approach to suit individual needs and encourages the client to become active participants in guiding the massage experience.


Howard Montes is a New York State licensed massage therapist. For over thirteen years he has treated acute injuries and helped manage chronic pain for a diverse population including professional dancers and athletes. He is known for his effective, cause-targeted, client-centered medical and sports massage, utilizing deep tissue, myofascial and neuromuscular techniques. His work incorporates range of motion and stretching, and is a collaborative effort with clients, as he tries to educate and make them an active part of their therapy.


Brian Skar is a massage therapist, new father and step-dad to an amazing boy. He trained at the Swedish Institute developing a practice that is based on Western anatomical theory with a nod to Eastern and energetic bodywork. Brian specializes in Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy and Myofascial Release with techniques taken from Swedish relaxation massage, Shiatsu and Tui Na. His practice begins with working the soft-tissues of the body then moving on to help relaxing the emotional body as well. For healing to occur, the body needs to relax; for relaxation to occur, trust needs to be established as well. Brian builds a trusting atmosphere with his clients in order to help their bodies do what they're designed to do: heal.

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