Imagine waking up in the morning without any aches or pains.  Imagine going deeper into a yoga pose effortlessly, or doing one more set of weights without strain, or holding onto the effects of your deep tissue massage for longer than just one day. Imagine improved digestion, deeper sleep and relief of chronic pain or old injuries. Imagine knowing just what to do if your shoulders feel tight or your low back is tender after a long day at the office. The MELT™ Method offers all these benefits.

MELT is the first self-treatment technique that focuses on the health of your connective tissue.  Using specialized rubber rollers and balls, MELT hydrates the connective tissue which surrounds and supports all our muscles, bones, organs and nerves. The whole body works more efficiently when the connective tissue is in good condition.  In addition, MELT quiets the nervous system and allows our over-taxed bodies to enter into healing mode, so it can repair itself from the inside out.

MELT provides a way for athletes and fitness enthusiasts to enhance performance, stay stronger and endure more challenging workouts without injury, as well as helps heal nagging injuries so you can get back to your workout sooner.  MELT can also offer a bridge for inactive people to begin a regular healthy exercise program safely. And MELTing feels great...and you just want to move more when your body feels better!