Survivors' Compass

Cancer Navigation & Wellness Programs

Three professional women, all touched by cancer both personally and professionally have teamed up to assist, inform and support individuals affected by cancer.

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URBAN ZEN Navigating Cancer: A Gateway to Healing
October 2011

Survivors' Compass

We provide evidence based practical information and services for people diagnosed with cancer and their loved ones to help them through the scope of challenges that accompany a life disrupted by cancer.

In addition to our private practices, we would love to speak with your group or organization at various outreach events.

We tailor our presentations to meet the needs of both the general public and health and medical professionals.

Kathy Gurland, LCSW
PEG'S Group, LLC
Cancer Navigation Consultants™
PEG’S Group, a private group of  Cancer Navigation Consultants™, provides    Personal Education, Guidance and Support to those affected by cancer.

Lisa Hoffman, M.A.
Solo Fitness & Wellness
Cancer Wellness Programs
Lisa is the author of: The Healing Power of Movement: How to Benefit From Physical Activity During Your Cancer Treatment. She makes physical activity an integral part of every comprehensive cancer treatment plan.


Mary Beth Augustine, R.D. CDN
The Natural Nutritionist, PLLC
Cancer Nutrition Consultations

Nutritionist, cancer survivor and former Memorial Sloan Kettering staff, MaryBeth specializes in diet for cancer prevention, treatment, recurrence and survival.





Created Health & Wellness Booth
Colon Cancer Challenge, NYC March 2011