Dare to Bare ARMS

Join us for our most popular class,
Dare to Bare ARMS™

A special event celebrating your best asset, your arms. No matter what size of shape your upper arms are in.

Our classes are held in various retail shops, community centers & corporations.

Dare to Bare ARMS™ is a 45-minute toning class using exercise bands. This class is geared to all fitness levels and can be modified for special orthopedic needs.

Lisa Hoffman, M.A. Founder of Solo Fitness & Wellness and author of: Better Than Ever: The 4-Week Workout Program from Women Over 40, provides clients with an upper arm assessment. After, she shares tips on how to effectively sculpt and tone your upper arms so you'll feel confident to Bare ARMS.

To set up this class for your group, please call Lisa directly at: 212-505-5747.