Getting Started

Solo Fitness & Wellness is designed to work with a wide range of individuals. Trainers & Specialists are carefully matched with the needs of clients. Specialties include: core stability, strength, flexibility, body alignment, aerobic dance, body sculpting, cardiovascular conditioning, restorative and recuperative exercise, osteoporosis prevention/treatment and posture correction.

Starting with SOLO is as easy as 1 2 3:


Solo Fitness & Wellness Assessment. This comprehensive physical and nutritional assessment is administered by Founder and President, Lisa Hoffman, MA. Lisa, along with her Registered Dietitian (RD), will review your fitness and wellness goals, nutritional intake and medical history, then administer a few fitness tests to determine the proper training protocol to meet your goals (1.5 hours). A physical assessment, without an RD consult, may be scheduled as well (1 hour).



Your Plan. You will receive your Solo Fitness & Wellness Plan of Care from Lisa and your RD via e-mail. This Plan will map out ways to achieve your fitness and wellness goals. You will then be matched up with a Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, Mat-Pilates Teacher, Massage Therapist, Zero Balancing Specialist or Registered Dietitian who best matches your needs areas.



First Session. Your one-on-one session or massage is scheduled. Over the course of a few sessions you will begin to feel and see the difference of a regular fitness and wellness regimen has on your body. If you choose to continue to work with our Registered Dietitian, they will fine-tune your diet to match your new schedule and energy needs. Your progress will be centrally maintained and carefully monitored. And a Solo Fitness & Wellness Re-Assessment will be performed every six months to make sure you stay on track. (1 – 1.5 hours.)

In some cases it will be necessary for us to contact your physician for additional information and recommendations before you start working with your trainer.