Personal Fitness Training: Work one-on-one with a skilled trainer chosen specifically to match your unique needs and goals. We have creative and fun ways to work on function, transfers, assisted walking, stretching, balance and strength. Much of your activity will be done seated in your chair or lying in bed. You will improve your coordination, posture, body awareness and mind.

Massage: Our therapists will use a variety of the techniques at their command to relax, energize, relieve tight muscles, stimulate circulation and induce a deep feeling of AHHHH.

Nutrition: Our Registered Dietitians will help you eat right and strategize to help you maintain your ideal weight and optimal food intake. Taking into account your functional status, medical history, current energy level, medications, blood counts, weight and goals. We will even set up meals and go through your cupboards to identify the right foods for you and your caregiver.

Zero Balancing: Is a hands-on mind-body therapy that integrates body structure and body energy; it’s performed through clothing on a massage table and the main focus is on the skeleton, where the greatest vibration forces are conducted. By integrating the body’s energy and structure, Zero Balancing relieves discomfort, supports healing, and brings peace of mind.

MELT™: MELT is ideal for older adults because it improves joint range of motion, upright posture, balance, and coordination.  It works on the body's connective tissue, which degrades as we age, causing aches, pains, stiffness and inflammation.  After a MELT session, many people experience an immediate sense of pain relief.   MELT can be done wherever you are most comfortable, standing next to a wall, seated in a chair or lying on a bed.

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