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Personal Fitness Training: Work one-on-one with a skilled trainer chosen specifically to match your unique needs and goals. We have creative and restorative ways to work around surgeries, blood counts, ports and any other concerns you may have.

Yoga: Our yoga practice focuses on gentle yoga postures, breathing practices, guided imagery and yoga philosophy to relieve stress and encourage healing of the body, mind and heart.

Mat-Pilates: Learn the fundamentals of Pilates floor exercises and the principles of breathing, concentration and coordination. You will improve your coordination, posture, body awareness and strength.

Massage: Our therapists will use a variety of the techniques at their command to relax, energize, relieve tight muscles, stimulate circulation and induce a deep feeling of AHHHH.

Nutrition Consult: Our Registered Dietitians will help you eat right and strategize to help you reach your ideal weight and optimal food intake. Taking into account your cancer treatment, current energy level, medications blood counts, weight and goals. We will even set up meals and go through your cupboards to identify the right foods for you.

MELT™: MELT focuses on the health of your connective tissue and nervous system, two of the most important systems responsible for healing. Connective tissue surrounds and permeates every muscle, bone and organ in the body.  It is easily dehydrated by the stress of a cancer diagnosis and course of treatment. MELTing can also help mitigate side effects, helping to keep you more relaxed and active post-surgery or during treatment.  MELT can be done anywhere, in the comfort of your home, or in your hospital bed.

Group Classes: Sometimes is just better to move with others and connect with like-minded peers. One of the best ways to participate in a physical activity program and to turn it in to a long-term lifelong habit is to connect with others like you. They are there for you, supporting and encouraging along the way and can influence you towards activity. We design individualized movement programs tailored to the needs of the group. And we do this at a place that works for your group. At your office, where you shop, at your medical center, community gathering space and of course at your home.


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