Personal Fitness Training: Our customized fitness program will make sure you are working on the Over 40 hot buttons: heart and bone health, muscle strength and posture and weight management. Each trainer is chosen specifically to match your unique needs and goals.

Yoga: Our yoga practice focuses on various postures, breathing practices, guided imagery and yoga philosophy to relieve stress. We offer a variety of styles from Hatha, Vinyasa to extra gentle. Yoga is a great way to help deal and cope with hot flashes, changes in body composition and energy.

Mat-Pilates: Learn the fundamentals of Pilates floor exercises and the principles of breathing, concentration and coordination. You will improve your coordination, posture, body awareness and strength. This helps lean out the areas that may have shifted weight during this time.

Massage: Our therapists will use a variety of the techniques at their command to relax, energize, relieve tight muscles and leaving you feeling AHHHH.

Nutrition and Family Meal Planning: Our Registered Dietitians will help you eat right and strategize to help you reach your ideal weight and optimal food intake, while your hormones may make you feel not so right. Taking into account your weight, goal, medications and body counts e.g. blood pressure and cholesterol. We will even set up meals and go through your cupboards to identify the right foods for you and your family.

Zero Balancing: Is a hands-on mind-body therapy that integrates body structure and body energy; it’s performed through clothing on a massage table and the main focus is on the skeleton, where the greatest vibration forces are conducted. It has been shown to have an equalizing effect during transitional times.

MELT™:  As we age, the body naturally loses fluid.  This dehydration happens on a cellular level and effects the entire body, causing aches and pains, nagging injuries and stiffness.  MELT uses specialized foam rollers and small rubber balls to hydrate the connective tissue, which surrounds all your muscles, bones and organs. Tension MELTs away, alignment becomes effortless, the core is more easily engaged, and aches and pains are banished.

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