Personal Fitness Training: Our Post Natal Personal Trainers will help you recuperate and rejuvenate after giving birth. Our focus is to strengthen the abdominal area (checking for diastasis), relieve low back discomfort, decrease muscle tension, address pelvic floor issues and help you get into the shape you want.

Yoga: Recover from the effects of pregnancy and birth, rebuild strength and regain your shape with post natal yoga. Baby wakes up, have them join in! Yoga can give you much-needed support at this time of changing responsibilities.

Mat-Pilates: Pilates is a great way to gently rebuild the body’s strength from the inside out. Mom will be guided through a series of Pilates-based exercises designed to close the abdominals, realign the spine and rehabilitate the pelvic floor.

Massage: After your baby is born, a post natal massage is essential in assisting a new mom adjust to her non-pregnant body. In addition to a relaxing time, moms will also receive specific body work to address delivery and post pregnancy muscle issues.

Nutrition and Family Meal Planning: Our Registered Dietitians will help you eat right while you are breast feeding or not and strategize to help you reach your ideal weight. We will even set up meals and go through your cupboards to identify the right foods for you and your family. And, once your baby starts to eat, our nutritionists are available to plan for your baby’s first foods.

Mommy and Me Classes: Center around moms, their baby and their friends. What better way to enjoy time with your friends then hosting a mommy and me class in your home. We combine age appropriate activity and developmentally sound learning while engaging your friends and their babies. Classes focus on fun and movement for building babies’ bodies and brains.

Zero Balancing: Is a hands-on mind-body therapy that integrates body structure and body energy; it’s performed through clothing on a massage table and the main focus is on the skeleton, where the greatest vibration forces are conducted. It is the perfect tool for relieving stress and anxiety while coping with the many new challenges and rewards of motherhood.

MELT™: MELT is an invaluable tool to reclaim your body after pregnancy and childbirth.  Using specialized foam rollers, our recently pregnant MELT instructor will guide you through exercises to release your back and neck, improve your posture, realign your hips, and firm up your center. Using MELT balls on the hands will help you avoid sore thumbs, wrists and shoulders as you negotiate picking up and holding your growing baby.

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