Assess the needs of the organization
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Assess the needs of the employee
Survey individuals


 1. Find a trend in employee's health challenges (for example: unhealthy eating habits, smoking habits, inactivity etc.)

 2. Find out what kind of presence a workplace wellness program should have at your company.

Sample Workplace Wellness Programs:

  On-site classes (exercise; yoga; stretching; MELT™; stress reduction; etc.)
On-site lectures/workshops (nutrition, massage, disease prevention & treatment)
   • Intertwined with “a day in the life of YOUR COMPANY"
  • Healthy engagement throughout the day

   • At company meetings: lunch menu/stretch break
  • What’s in your vending machine?
   • E-mail co-worker or get up and talk?
   • Lunchtime walks
   • Employee Recess
   • One-on One Health Coaching
   • Educational Support Materials
   • On-Site Wellness Breaks

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