Therapeutic Fitness & Wellness Programs for People Needing Assistance

Increasingly people are seeking home care as an alternative to costly stays in hospitals or residential care facilities. We help make it possible for elderly, sick or disabled people to live comfortably at home. We work in conjunction with home health aides and RNs to incorporate physical activity into the lives of their clients. Consistent physical activity is one of the strongest predictors of successful aging in older adults.

soloCARE focuses on each person’s specific condition develops a comprehensive plan of care with the goals of:

        • making activities of daily living easier by improving muscle size and quality, thus increasing the ability to function independently
        • preventing or delaying the loss of cognitive functions
        • maintaining stability and balance while moving in and outside the home
        • engaging our clients to participate in enjoyable activity while having fun

Make a PACT for Life

Participate in Physical Activity during Cancer Treatment and beyond

Meet our Make a PACT for Life! Specialists

Working with cancer survivors in the Tri-State area

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