Balanced Heatlh & Fitness Regimens 

Feeling uncoordinated and non-athletic? Don’t know where and how to start? Or maybe you are seasoned exerciser who needs to freshen things up a bit?

soloFIT is for men and women who want to feel more energized, get into better condition and feel good about their overall body shape. Our balanced program of regular exercise and wellness services will focus on your aerobic conditioning, strength, nutrition and overall improvement of your physical and mental well being. Making you feel better and stronger than ever. We will work with your goals in mind in a progressive and challenging way.

To make it as convenient as possible, Solo Fitness and Wellness will work with at your home, your office or a convenient meeting place. Small space? Little or no equipment? No problem. Great personal trainers are inventive; we use minimal pieces with maximum effect.

Make a PACT for Life

Participate in Physical Activity during Cancer Treatment and beyond

Meet our Make a PACT for Life! Specialists

Working with cancer survivors in the Tri-State area

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