Post Pregnancy Health 
Starting 4-6 post delivery

soloPOP provides moms with programs that will bolster their body, mind and spirit. Many experts consider the first 3 months after giving birth the 4th Trimester. This can often be a challenging and isolating time. We have seen moms, in an effort to being Super-MOM, take on too much too soon and therefore compromising their health and wellness.

Our team is here to help. Our experts understand the changes mothers experience because we are moms too. But, more importantly, we are trainers and specialists who have dedicated our lives to caring for women and helping them strive to achieve their goals, whatever they may be, while maintaining a healthy and balanced family life.

With our comprehensive approach to a mom's health all in the comfort of her their home, office or a convenient meeting place.

Make a PACT for Life

Participate in Physical Activity during Cancer Treatment and beyond

Meet our Make a PACT for Life! Specialists

Working with cancer survivors in the Tri-State area

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