Worksite Fitness & Wellness Programs

Created by Lisa Hoffman, M.A.
Certified HealthCare Reform Specialist

Good Health is Good Business.

soloWork promotes the general adage that good employee health is good business. Employee wellness programs have long been advocated as a way to decrease healthcare costs, reduce absenteeism, and increase productivity. Wellness programs are defined as programs designed to maintain or improve employee health before problems arise.

About 60% of adults work and spend much of their day at the worksite.

Can health promotion programs really improve employee health and impact the bottom line?...studies ultimately showed that worksite wellness programs, in one way or another, are capable of producing significant improvements in employee health.

25% of all outpatient and inpatient health plan claims for 44,000+ employees over six years, were related to the major health risks that make up the core of most wellness programs.

Make a PACT for Life

Participate in Physical Activity during Cancer Treatment and beyond

Meet our Make a PACT for Life! Specialists

Working with cancer survivors in the Tri-State area

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